Pittsburg Metal Sales, Recycling, and Demolition

Pittsburg Metal Sales, Recycling, and Demolition

 A Step Above The Rest 

The longer a business stays open, the more wisdom they gain. Alco Iron & Metal Company had an advantage when its doors were first opened in 1953, we were built off of our family’s strength and experience. Standing tall today, 60 years later, the wisdom we’ve accumulated can’t be found in any textbook or classroom.

The family owned and operated system we’ve built is a result of blood, sweat and tears. While we were continuously pushing to become the best full-service scrap metal provider in Pittsburg, CA, we decided to take our efforts a step further. We wanted to hear from you, the customer.

The secret to the Alco Iron & Metal advantage is our connection with the community. Not only has our company been passed down through four generations of our family, we’ve been serving four generations of yours as well. Our hard work and expertise fostered our dream but it was our willingness to go above and beyond to satisfy our customers that kept us in the lead.

Scrap Metal
We accept a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and surplus metal products. Each of our locations are constantly receiving pieces from a number of domestic and international companies. From aluminum to copper, automobiles to cast iron, we always deliver the most competitive quotes FREE of charge.
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Metal Recycling
Alco Iron & Metal acquires raw scrap metal from a number of sources and repurposes our finds making it useful once more. Pieces are gathered from appliances, automobiles, railroads, and demolition material. It’s sorted, sheared, and shredded – sometimes torched and bailed. We use the most current processes for repurposing this metal to meet the specific requirements of our clients.
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Metal Sales
A massive inventory spread across two warehouses is more than enough to provide our customers with all the ferrous and non-ferrous metal they could ever want. New, surplus, and sustainable pieces of prime quality pieces at competitive prices.
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Metal Fabrication
We are a qualified provider of customized welding projects. Alco Iron & Metal established our fabrication facility so our clients could be sure that all their manufacturing and construction needs could be handled by the professionals they’ve learned to trust over the years.
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Licensed and experienced, you won’t find a better demolitioner to handle your project. Our experts are prepared to dismantle various pieces such as water tanks, power and water plants, and many other large industrial structures. To obtain a FREE Quote for our services, call or email the nearest location.
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Transformer Dismantling
When working with Alco Iron & Metal, you won’t need to worry about handling the details of your dismantling project. After informing us of the specifics of your assignment, we’ll create a custom plan to handle every step. Our team is trained to use state of the art machinery to disassemble your transformers, removal them from your site, sort and prepare them to be scrapped.
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Serving You Is Our Privilege

 We Take Your Business Seriously  

Alco Iron & Metal Company doesn’t measure our success by the money we make. We don’t feel satisfied from knowing that we’ve had the opportunity to serve the environment on both sides of the globe. The thing that really keeps us going is knowing how our efforts make life easier for our customers.

Customer satisfaction has always been our primary objective. Over the years, we’ve become fluent in what that really means. Friendly and knowledgeable team members. Prompt and convenient service options. And the best of the best in terms of quality. We understand what you want because we form long-lasting relationships with our customers. We listen to what you say and we put ourselves in your place.

That’s the beauty of being a member of the communities we serve. It’s also a perk of being a family run company. We’re people too. We know what we would expect out of a full-service metal provider. So we made it our mission to bring our vision to life.