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Quality Equipment for Added Convenience

Find everything you need to make your
Alco Iron & Metal Co. experience a seamless process.

It’s our goal to make every step of your interaction with Alco Iron & Metal as seamless as possible. For your convenience, we provide a variety of containers to all industrial clients. We make it easier to haul your scrap metal away, getting it to our experts sooner so you can be paid.

A member of our team can consult with you regarding the perfect container to suit your needs. You’ll discuss type, quantity, and dimensions to discover the right product to get the job done without invading your location.

If you have special circumstances and would like to discuss your container requirements in detail, feel free to contact us today.

Luggar Bucket Sizes*:

*Approximate Measurements

  • Half Buckets – 4-6 yards
  • Regular Buckets – 8-10 yards
  • Large Buckets – 12-14 yards
  • Extra Large Buckets 16-18 yards

Roll-Off Bucket Sizes:

  • 20 yard – 4 ft. (Height), 7 ½ ft. (Wide), 22 ft. (Length)
  • 30 yard – 6 ft. (Height), 7 ½ ft. (Wide), 22 ft. (Length)
  • 40 yard – 8 ft. (Height), 7 ½ ft. (Wide), 22 ft. (Length)

On Top Trailers:

These containers typically measure 45-65 in. (Height) & 40-45 ft. (Length)

In addition to these containers, Alco Iron & Metal also offers our clients a variety of flatbeds (standard, single drop-deck, and lowboys) and van trailers (28-53 ft. long).

Transporting Scrap:

If you need to transport scrap from the interior of your facility, we also have smaller containers to make the transport convenient (and much cleaner):

  • Self-dumping hoppers
  • Stackable Containers
  • Drums
  • Boxes & Pallets